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Attention, Oldest Daughters!

September 27, 2012 2 comments

Welcome to the launch of the oldestdaughtersforum.

“Summer at the Pond,” bronze by Robin Richerson, Overland Park, KS Arboretum

Each week you’ll find new posts here about a topic that affects or reflects the experiences of first-born females and those who share our lives, including our siblings and spouses.

Some weeks you’ll learn what a newsmaker, who also happens to be an oldest daughter, has done that has made headlines.  Other times, there may be information about a career opportunity that could be especially suitable but has gone largely unrecognized.    And very often, I’ll talk about something I’ve heard or seen during the past week that triggered my own oldest-daughter consciousness.

Like the scene on the right,  it’s only possible to see part of what lies ahead at a launch. Because this is not just “my blog,” but is intentionally a forum for and about oldest daughters, I invite you to weigh in on each week’s topic.