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Tree trimming, choice words, and oldest daughter responsibility

ImageOn the December 20 broadcast of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck delighted the audience with the tale of what happened when she gave each of her three young children their own small-sized Christmas tree to trim as they’d like.

The youngest took Elisabeth at her words.  While she was out of the room he began literally  — scissors in hand — trimming the pine needles off the tree.  When she saw what was happening, the stunned Mom said her first instinct was to ask Grace, her oldest child/daughter,  “Why didn’t you tell him …. That’s your job!”

     But those words never hit the fast track from mind to mouth.  Instead, snapping a photo of the “trimmed tree,” Elisabeth converted the incident to a charming, humorous family Christmas memory. Sharing the story with an obviously seasoned audience of parents, the co-host acknowledged she should have used the word “decorate” instead of “trim” in giving instructions to her children.
      I so enjoyed the story — especially because I believe it shouldn’t fall to oldest daughters to take over the things that are a parent’s responsibility.
  1. Kelly Miller
    December 22, 2012 at 5:44 am

    As the oldest of 6, Christmas time was always a bit hectic in our house. The decorations always went up the day after thanksgiving, also commonly referred to as “Black Friday”. When Christmas came around it was time to go out in the woods and cut our tree down in the pasture. Big ones, little ones, short and fat, tall and skinny. It would smell the house up with fresh pine smell. Still one of my favorite smells. We would all race down stairs to see who could get to the decorations first which we kept underneath the stairs. One by one I would hand out the boxes to each of them. Each year, each one had a different job decorating the tree. Once it was done we would be able to see each others personallities coming out. It was a fun time. Some of the best! Being the oldest, I had the privilage to hand out those assignments, so I saved the best for myself each year. Putting on the lights and tinsel was my job and each year a different one of us would get to put the angel on top. As I remember my Christmas’ from my youth I find myself decorating my own tree the same way. Yes, the oldest daughter has/had more responsiblities but with that responsibilty comes self worth, learning to be gratefull, respectfull, knowledgable and for me knowing that I can help when I can it makes being the oldest is a great gift.


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