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Moving Time

It’s taken me an unplanned year to realize it’s time to move on from the “Oldest Daughters Forum .  img_0009

A “forum”  is “a place where ideas and views on a particular topic can be exchanged.”  Over the past many months there’s been no  shortage of topics.   Every day, every week, there have been and continue to be news-making people, events, ideas with more columnists and analysts than anyone cares to count.   So one would think the past year would have been a gold mine for us.

But the truth is, I haven’t had the stomach to join the talking heads—especially as a blogger simply adding her two cents worth.  (Wise decision—the value of the penny is now so low, they’re talking about doing away with it.)

The message for me?  Time for “change” of a different kind.  Maybeimg_0026  even to turn things upside down occasionally.

So I’m moving to a new address with a new view—on what makes our lives as oldest daughters worth living and sharing.  img_0022

Here’s my new address:  “Oldest Daughters Space.  The place to learn, laugh and love our lives.”

Clicking on http://www.oldestdaughter.com  will take you there.  Please come and bring your friends —there’s lots of space.  As we used to sing in Girl Scouts,  “Make new friends but keep the old.”

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